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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine's Week Schedule

Image result for valentine's dayValentine's Week Blog Schedule
As many of us may be (painfully) aware, Valentine's Day is this upcoming Tuesday, when we single out one day of the year to show exuberant amounts of affection. In honor of this holiday, I am going to be creating several posts about love, and I don't just mean romantic love. I think that it is just as important to remember that there are several kinds of love, like for family and friends. So this is going to be a week of all kinds of love, not just the couple-y stuff.

Day 1 (2/12): My opinion on Valentine's Day
Day 2 (2/13): Romantic Books
Day 3 (2/14): Valentine's Day Book Tag
Day 4 (2/15): Top 10 OTPs (as of February 2017)
Image result for valentine's day bookDay 5 (2/16): Parents in YA Literature
Day 6 (2/17): Top 10 YA Best Friends
Day 7 (2/18): Review of November 9 by Colleen Hoover

I am actually super excited about this week despite the fact that this is probably my least favorite holiday! Looking at the schedule, I think I am most excited to put together my top 10 OTPs. I am also looking forward to reading November 9 by Colleen Hoover, because I have heard just great things about her writing.

Thanks for reading!

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