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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Reading Reviews

Reading Reviews

Image result for booksHello! If this is the first time you are visiting this blog, you may not know that I review books and post the reviews here. With reviews, they can be very tricky to navigate and I think that they should be used, but used properly(?), if that makes sense. This post if fairly random too, so sorry for the break in the usual feed of book, movie, and TV show stuff.

Image result for books and teaAs a reader of reviews, I always try to pick apart what the review says about certain things about the story. For example, if a review says that there is going to be poor characterization- that will matter to me. But if the review is poor because the reader didn't like the love triangle, I'll probably ignore that because I love love triangles. It's just something that I know I try to do when I'm deciding whether or not to read a book and I'm looking at reviews.

As a reviewer, this is something that I also tend to be very aware of. I never want to accidentally discourage someone from reading a book because I didn't like it. There are times when I'll even put giant disclosure on my review saying that this is my opinion and that it may be very different from others. That being said, it is also partially the reason why I usually break up my reviews into three parts: Characters, Plot, and World/Writing. For people who read for certain things, they can sort of jump to the part of the review that they care most about, because that's what they care most about in a book.

Image result for books and teaOverall, I love reading and writing reviews. I think that they are a great way to get excited for books or simply learn more about them or get a new perspective. However, I think it is also SUPER important that everyone, myself included, remember that every review is coming from the opinions and perspective of one person (usually). Just because they do not like a book means that I will not like it; and just because they like a book, it doesn't mean that I will like it too. The same goes for my reviews- they are my own thoughts. Always be open to reading books, even if some people have bad reviews of them, because only you can have your thoughts about a book.

If you want to see any of my reviews, you can click here and see all of them!

Thanks for reading!

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