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Friday, February 3, 2017

Shadowhunters 2x05

Image result for shadowhunters dust and shadowsShadowhunters 2x05
"Dust and Shadows"
Thoughts and Feels

I think that in general, this episode made the show look a lot more like a normal TV show, which was fantastic.

One of the things that I really loved in this episode were the scenes with Alec and Magnus. Their relationship took a step toward more toward what I get the feeling from in their relationship in the books. There were two really great moments in particular. The first is when Alec just shows up on Magnus's porch and is struggling with what he did to Jocelyn. Not only is this something that Alec does in the books- he goes to Magnus all the time- but it is also a very real portrayal of Alec's character, Magnus's character, and what their relationship is like. The other moment that I really liked was when Magnus talks to Alec about Camille and they have that conversation where Alec accepts that Magnus is immortal and has cared about other people in the past. For those of us who have read the books, we know that there may be more to the immortal thing/issue, but for now, all is well.

Image result for shadowhunters dust and shadowsThe strangest and absolutely most bizarre and non-book canon thing about this episode were the freaky witch demon babies. It's isn't the part where she is getting mortals to bear the children to make warlocks and witches- that makes sense cause that's how it happens. It's the part where she gives Clary an elixir in order to have a half-demon half-shadowhunter baby??? Errrmmmm.... this happens twice in shadowhunter history, and as far as I know, can only happen in these two ways. One, the shadowhunter can conceive a baby with a demon if they do not have any runes. Two, if the baby is given demon blood while in the womb. So this part of the episode really bothered me and I hope that if it continues there will be a reveal like, "Oh no! The elixir actually doesn't work!" Maybe that'll be how they introduce Sebastian?

Image result for shadowhunters dust and shadowsTHERE WAS YIN FEN!!!! I have a whole yin fen theory on another post, but long story short, I think Izzy is taking Jem's place in the TMI plot line.

I have to mention the funeral. I thought is was so well done and with the story line of this episode in particular, it was even more moving than it would have been if Clary had just accepted it. They did an incredible job of sticking to the shadowhunter traditions that we know of in the books. Everyone was wearing white, which is the mourning color for shadowhunters. They also said ave atque vale (that may be spelled wrong), which was so incredible to see them all chant it at the same time for Jocelyn. I also think that they did a really good job with Clary's and Jace's characters in this scene, because Jace is there for Clary in a very brotherly way. Clary's emotion was also spot on. I think the moment where I started crying was when she can't finish saying her mother's name and falls into Jace. It was such a serious moment for the show and they slowed it down, took their time, and really did it justice.

Image result for shadowhunters jocelyn funeralI am the kind of person that almost always will notice the music in the background of TV shows and movies. I don't know if this is connected to the change in show runners, but the music in this episode was phenomenal. It was so good that I started making a Spotify playlist for the songs on the show. They also didn't have any crazy techno songs while they were training. They had a Sklyar Grey song! Which I think is perfect because while it had a little bit of that beat or sound sort of techno, it wasn't, so it wasn't super distracting while I was watching the scene. The song that really killed me in this episode was the one that was playing at the end of the show, during Jocelyn's funeral. It was so perfect in tone, sound, and words for what was happening that it finished the scene. I was already a mess, but that song put me over the edge. It was beautiful and sorrowful and an excellent choice.

I would like to see them head in a direction toward Idris, but that's mostly because one of the best villains in YA literature is introduced in that city. And I can wait for this too; I'd rather them take their time to get to this point and have it done really well then rush ahead just to meet certain characters. With the way that the episodes are changing, I am really looking forward to next Monday and how they are going to take things. I also want to know if my yin fen theory is correct. :)

Thanks for reading!

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