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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shadowhunters 2x07

Image result for shadowhunters season 2 episode 7Shadowhunters 2x07
"How Are Thou Fallen"
Thoughts and Feels
Jumping into the episode, one of the first things that we see is the circle rune being like activated or something? I got some serious Harry Potter vibes from that and I'm sure a lot of other people did too. Another thing that I was wondering about with that scene is whether or not Valentine knew that Jocelyn is dead? Later in the episode, Luke makes a vague comment that references that, and Valentine says that he doesn't care, but I feel like that is really out of character for him, which makes me think that he still doesn't know all the details of Jocelyn's death. How could he? A demon killed her and then the demon was killed.
I still don't like the Soul Sword Lightning thing

Image result for shadowhunters ithurielI think one of the best things about this episode was that they introduced Ithurial! The angel blood and communication is so important to the books, and I am so glad that that aspect is being introduced in the show now. Small comment on that though, when Clary was hearing Ithurial in her head, my mind immediately jumped to Supernatural when Cas was originally trying to communicate with Dean and couldn't find the right frequency. I am not sure if that is what they were trying to go for, but then when Cleophys (?) hears it too she says that he is crying out for help. But then we go to a shot of him screaming as he's dragged across the floor. So how exactly is all of this communication stuff working? The last scene of the episode was very confusing too. It looked like a demon/person trying to grab a blade and then poofing into dust. I think that was maybe Jonathan related....almost like Ithurial was trying to tell them that they need to defeat this guy and we don't know him yet. I don't know, but I do know that I am super happy they brought in the angelic abilities and the angels.

Image result for shadowhunters season 2 episode 7This episode could have easily been just an episode about all of the Simon ships. We see him go out with Maia, and there's a moment with Clary, and then Simon talks to both Maia and Jace about having feelings for Clary. There was also a moment when Izzy makes a comment about saving Simon's butt all the time, which seemed a little like Sizzy to me. So in recap, there was SimonxMaia (I don't know their ship name), Sizzy, and Climon. They're probably going to try a bit more with Climon, because that seems like the natural progression, at least to me, before Sebastian comes into the show. And then things will get rocky again.

There were a few Shadowhunter world questions that bothered me during the show. First, a rune app? Is this like a batman signal in the night sky? Can I buy this app on iTunes? It just didn't make sense to me. Second, who the heck was that one shadowhunter that kept coming up?!?!!! Seriously, all of those other shadowhunters have always just been like background people, but in this episode we had one interact with both Izzy and Clary, in separate scenes. Who knows, maybe they'll bring her in again in a later episode as like a spy for Valentine or something. Maybe she's Sebastian with a shape-shifting rune. If that is the case, I will flip a table.

Image result for shadowhunters season 2 episode 7MALEC!!!! I LOVED all of the Malec moments in this episode. This is good. If they don't give us an overload of Malec every episode, it makes the moments so much better when they are there. And it develops their characters at a much better, believable, pace too. I really liked all of these scenes, especially when Magnus told Alec that he didn't want to go too fast and mess up the relationship, because that seemed like such a Magnus thing to say.... grenoihreigaoerhneagi. It was so great.

What on Earth was going on with Izzy's character? All of the yin fen madness adds up, but she seemed really moody and tempermental. Is that just a side effect of being low on yin fen? And where is she right now??? They just finished the episode with her surrounded by vampires!!! My favorite line of episode was connected to this yin fen stuff:
"It nearly cost my friend Jem his life"  <---- Something like that
SO MANY FEELS IN ONE SENTENCE DAMN IT MAGNUS WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BRING UP JEM??????????? I may need to also revisit my yin fen theory because of this one sentence. Le sigh.

Image result for shadowhunters jaceI have to mention Jace in this episode. The. Sass. Was. Perfect. I think this is the most book Jace we have ever seen in the show Jace, and it was freaking fantastic. There were just so many small moments too when it was really just facial expression, but it screamed attitude, and each one made me so happy to see. With Jace, I also feel like there were Clace moments, even when there were no actual "Clace" moments. For example, Luke walks in and says he needs Jace. Nothing immediate happens until he says Clary's name, and then the response is instantaneous. Jace just jumps up and practically runs out the door. It's amazing how they did this indirect characterization of their relationship and I am so excited to see where they take it!

That is all for this episode! As always, we are one more episode closer to meeting Sebastian and I cannot wait to see that happen.

Thanks for reading!

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