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Monday, January 2, 2017

Shadowhunters Season 2

Shadowhunters Season 2
Thoughts and Feels
Image result for shadowhunters season 2Episode 1: "This Guilty Blood"


Shadowhunters is finally back and I am SUPER PUMPED for this season! The first episode for this season came out January 2, 2017 and it went right into it, which I greatly appreciated. This episode was pretty good in my opinion and had some really great lines (lol, of course, by none other than Simon Lewis). Overall, I think that this season is going to run much better than season one did. Not only do I think this based on the first episode, but also because the cast was saying that this season is going to be much more dark and gritty, which I think is part of what was missing in season one.

Image result for shadowhunters excited gifThe acting was so much better in this first episode than it was in the first season. Of course, there was probably a gigantic learning curve where the actors and actresses needed to learn how to become their characters and how those characters were going to develop. They did a very nice job in this episode though, which makes me very optimistic for the rest of the show. Some of the lines in the script are still super awkward (maybe not as much as before), but I think overall the plot for the episode was smoother and I think they have the capability to really create an impressive adaptation of the show.

Two big things I missed from this episode (only as a die-hard Shadowhunter fangirl, not really a viewer): the greenhouse scene, and the pasta-bathtub-story. I know there was no real chance for the greenhouse scene to happen, but having a greenhouse in the show made me really miss it!! Perhaps they'll find a way to sneak the scene into a later episode???? And there was a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to put in the little anecdote of how Jace took a bath in spaghetti when he was a child. PERFECT! But instead, there was this kinda awkward line about making pasta.....???

Image result for sebastian verlac fan artSIDE NOTE: One of the reasons I am super excited for this season is because, supposedly, we might be getting a chance to see Sebastien toward the end? (Source) I won't say anything about him in case there are readers who have not read the books, but for those of us who have.... OH. MA. GAWD. That actor needs to be spot-on. I'm scared to say more because I don't want to accidentally spoil people.

Only a week until the next episode!!!! Seven days? Gonna feel more like seven years.....

Thanks for reading!

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