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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Shadowhunters 2x02

Shadowhunters Season 2
Thoughts and Feels
Image result for shadowhunters season 2 episode 2Episode 2: "A Door into the Dark"


So last Monday the second episode of Shadowhunters aired!! Overall, I think it was slightly better than the first episode. There were some really great moments and fight scenes, but there were also some super super weird and awkward parts that I did not understand and thought they were a bit unnecessary.  

Image result for shadowhunters season 2 episode 2This episode was great for character development though, and I think it was good that they started to progress into some of these developments, especially because they become critical for what's coming next. The main one that comes to mind is Jace. In the books, Jace believes that he is actually a monster and we really start to see some of that in this episode. I think Dom did a really great job showing this as well, especially with the scene when Jace and Clary jump off the boat. Jace just looks so tortured and confused and it was perfect. 
Strange things: Dot coming back; the adamas-parabatai-tracking-stone; "Encanto"; Jocelyn. 
Awesome things: Simon Lewis; Clary's character development; Jace's character development; Izzy and Alec sibling bond

Concerns for the future: Sebastian; Valentine's boat; Simon


Image result for jonathan morgensternOk, so thinking about it, it seems like they're going to put book three into this season of the show. But with book three comes Sebastian... and with Sebastian comes a lot of other major important plot and character details. I am SUPER worried about how the show is going to progress with this. For example, THEY NEED TO KEEP THE SEBASTIAN SECRET SECRET!!!! Part of what makes City of Glass so great is that this character comes from nowhere and subtlety starts to reveal that he is actually a piece of shit. And then the actual truth is revealed in such an epic way, and I really want the show to embody that and not give away obvious teasers that will ruin it. They seem to have a tendency to ruin the set ups for these moments. The set up is great, but then there's something else that comes up and it's like an obvious wink to the audience that that isn't what's real.

The next two things I think will be fine... that boat needs to blow and Simon needs to become a Daylighter. I think they'll be able to do it, I just really want to see it.  

The next episode airs this upcoming Monday, January 16 so catch up online and watch!! :)

Thanks for reading!

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