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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review: Poison Princess

20759393Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
My rating: 4.89 of 5 stars

I'm going to cry- I already wrote this once, but the review didn't save, so I lost everything.

I really don't feel like writing it all out again either- so here's the brief:
**** Killer character development
**** Insane descriptions of the new world that they live in
**** Awesome pacing (for the most part)
**** Original paranormal--- I cannot emphasize this point enough because it's one of the most fantastic things about this book

I cannot wait to read the next book!!! There are so many things that I want to see happen and see if what I think will happen will happen and how the characters are going to move on from this point and AKDHPIWUEHG:IO!!!!!

This is definitely a book that I would recommend to people- especially if they like dystopian-ish books with post-apocalyptic things.

Thanks for reading!!
(If I ever feel up to it, I will rewrite the killer review I had done earlier but lost... for now it shall rest in peace)

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