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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review: Eclipse WITH SPOILERS

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
Book Review
4.24 Stars out of 5
Eclipse by Stephenie MeyerThis series is semi-surprising me. There are still some characters that I find REALLY annoying, but the series of events is actually pretty entertaining. And, obviously, if you read the first two books you're probably going to finish the series out. I recommend that in general, but I feel like it will be worth it for this series especially. Even if you saw the movie first (**bows head in shameful guilt***) and know the ending, I would read them anyway because I am catching things that differ from the movie and my opinions on some of the characters has changed. Keep reading! I approve! :P
The one thing I will say, is that I feel like this could have been the last book in the series. There was one little snag that wasn't resolved in this that I know will get fixed later, but it could have been put into this one....

BELLA AND EDWARD. WHAT THE ACTUAL ****. I have to say, I'm Team Jacob. And it's not because I think Edward is a bad guy or anything. It's just that they don't balance each other out with their personalities. Example (in comparison to Christian and Ana (Fifty Shades)- seems fitting): Christian and Edward are both super overprotective to a point that I want to hit them over the head- repeatedly. But Ana and Bella are not the same in their responses. Ana doesn't always do what Christian says. She actually makes it a point to go off her own instincts and if he doesn't like it, it's his own fault for not giving her more details. Bella just sits there and bemoans about it. Edward: "Jacob is dangerous, he's a new werewolf." Bella: "He really isn't. He is my best friend and he would never hurt me." Edward: "No." Bella: ***cries in corner*** "I miss him so much!" Gah! It was so frustrating!!! Honestly, I think Jacob is better for her. I will admit that Edward improves throughout the book, but still.... Jacob. He himself actually describes it well at the end by comparing Edward to a drug and himself to the sun and air. Gee, I wonder which one is healthier...

Most of my reactions about this book have to do with how Jacob is better for Bella than Edward, and what kills me is that SHE LOVES HIM TOO. I totally agree with the capability for someone to love more than one person at once but, having watched the movie first, I though it was mostly something Jake made up. BUT IT ISN'T. I died inside when she realized that she loved him too AND THEN STILL CHOSE EDWARD. Edward is a reasonable vampire, he would have let her go live a normal human life with Jacob and not kill the entire tribe in retribution. Not the choice I would have made... I love the werewolves. We learn so much more about them and I like them even more now.

Thanks for reading!

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