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Friday, March 25, 2016

Lady Midnight Review with SPOILERS

 Full Review

Me Before: Where the hell can I get a copy???!?!!??!! NO SPOILERS!!!!!!!
It feels like it had been ages since we've had another Shadowhunter book, so when this one came out, my first reaction was "*sigh* finally". And it took me awhile to reorganize who was who and how old they were. Obviously, I knew the main players in the game, but their siblings were a bit tangled up for awhile. And then it all got really good really fast. Do you need to have read the other books before this one? No..... but I would highly recommend it.
Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare PLOT: Cassandra Clare jumps right into the story. You don't need to wait for anything. BAM, something happens. Five pages later, BAM, something else happens. It moves fast, but not in a way that leaves you confused.
CHARACTERS: I LOVED theses characters. From the oldest to the youngest, I was able to form an attachment to each of them, and they were all really well developed. The acted like a family, a legitimate family with stupid issues like "Tavvy wants to eat sugar for breakfast". Full run down later.
WRITING: This isn't a book I would necessarily recommend to smaller humans, for both comprehension and thematic reasons, but other than that I think anyone could read it- high school, college, retired, anybody. It flows nicely without many plot gaps. I actually think there may have only been one or two, but they're also things that may just be resolved later in the series. Her actual writing is not simple, but not too complex either where it becomes annoying to read. And like I said above, it MOVES. You will definitely not be bored reading this.
Time for the fun stuff >:) 

 PLOT: I had no idea what the plot would be going into this. I actually had no clue what it would be because we have had the Infernal Devices and the Dark War, but being a juvenile little bean, I thought, "Nothing could be worse than those...". **Slaps self over the head** It starts with just murders. People are dying and there is a clear pattern in the manner of their deaths, but not why they were killed. As it progressed, it just got creepier and cult-ier. Eulgh. Then we find out they are messing with necromancy. ME: Aw, ****. I should have known this could get so much worse than the others. Sebastien is still the worst in my opinion, but this series also hasn't fully played out yet. It could still top the cake. So we have MALCOLM trying to RESURRECT his dead love Annabel BLACKTHORN. Oh, time out. When the kids and co. find out that Blackthorn blood is needed and there have already been 13 murders, WHY THEY HELL DID THEY NOT KEEP EVERYONE INSIDE. Really Julian, where is your head? You're just gonna let your two YOUNGEST siblings out to the beach, alone, when you know Blackthorn blood is needed. Stupid. Ok, back to Annabel. I am really curious to see where this goes, because at the end of the book, she wakes up. But she's also underwater. In a tomb. Won't she just die again? There's nobody to save her unless Malcolm didn't die, which may very well happen. Is she just immortal now? That'd be unfortunate.

Malcolm: I liked him at first! I really did! And then HE TOOK TAVVY! WHAT THE ACTUAL BUTT!
Diana: I never really trusted her, simply for the fact that she doesn't live at the Institute. Now, on top of it, did she do some illegal stuff in her past?? What? I want to know!
Kieran: Mixed feelings. I ship him and Mark. And I feel kinda bad for him, because now he's all alone in the Hunt. He didn't know about the lashes...
Mark: Amazing development. Favorite moments: when he's taking care of the kids, wearing two shirts, and at the end.... I DON'T SHIP THEM, but "Why lie?" Props to you Mark, props to you...
Diego: I still don't really know how I feel about Diego yet, because I feel like we still don't really know him.
Cristina: Love this girl. She's such a good anchor for Emma.
Julian: He is one of my favorites, but he also concerns me a little. He had no childhood pretty much, so all of that development was skipped. He became an adult at 12. That isn't really healthy...
Emma: HER SASS. She honestly reminds my of a Herondale. It's amazing.
Drusilla: I don't really have an opinion on her.... :/
Tavvy: MY BABY!!! I want him as my brother.
Kit: When we find out he's a Herondale..... I died. My brain literally stopped functioning, and then all I could think was, HERONDALE HERONDALE WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE THERE'S ANOTHER ONE OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!! Because how can we have a Shadowhunter book without a Herondale?

I really loved all the cameos and references too in this book. They made me smile. :) BUT WHY THE HELL WAS CLARY DREADING GIVING JACE HER ANSWER? I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY!

Thanks for reading and go get a copy of Lady Midnight!

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