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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Book Review 
4 of 5 Stars
I honestly think this one was so much better than Twilight. I do not have a review of Twilight up, nor do I plan on putting one up, but in comparison I feel like this was an improvement. I don't really know what the general opinion about this one is (not majorly a part of the fandom), but I do know that many people get annoyed with Bella in this one. People, she is annoying 24/7; however, I feel like her reactions in this book were described very acutely in a way that I feel like not many people can necessarily relate to or they are uncomfortable with, resulting in them degrading her character for it. For those who have read the book, you probably know what I'm talking about (more details later), and for those of you who haven't, it isn't bad, it's just honest and people don't like that honesty.
New Moon by Stephenie MeyerPLOT: Nothing major happens in the plot in this one--- I feel like it's more setup. Although, I really liked what was going on during the setup. It was exploratory of human nature and there were some really fun scenes.
CHARACTERS: Bella- Honey, grow up. You're not ten anymore. That being said, people say her actions and reactions are exaggerations, but you have to put in into perspective. It is a paranormal situation.... I think it's fairly safe to say non-normal reaction are the new normal. Edward- Get over yourself. Dumb***. Jacob- I fell in love with Jacob in this book. I don't ship them. I think they're better as friends. But I'd ship him with me .... :) Nobody else is a main player in this one I don't think.....
WORLD: I really liked how we got to hang out around La Push more. That was a really interesting development of where Bells lives and I feel like it filled in the picture more- it added some more colors to it. The Volturi I thought were really interesting. Especially Aro and Jane. It brought to the surface the dangers of vampires that was mentioned in Twilight, but we weren't really exposed to before. The whole thing with the Treaty is brought up too and we get some interesting info on the wolf-y ones as well. :)

PLOT: I liked the plot!! Like I said, not much happens, but we get to hang out with Jacob and it seems like there was more doing instead of talking. We get Bella talking so much and her adjusting in the first book- which is fine- but in this one, we see her develop more indirectly, which made her character more relatable while making the plot and events more fun and interesting at the same time. We got to see a lot of really fun things, like motorcycle riding and cliff diving. And then later on we get an almost-death when Alice, Bella, and Edward are in Italy, which is always something that keeps us on our feet.
CHARACTERS: (I'm not going to do everybody) Jacob- We really get to know Jacob and his personality in this book. One of this things that I love about him is that he won't stop trying to get Bella to go out with him. This was sooooo cute to me. She even admits it to him at one point that she isn't ready to date, and he's just like, "Eh. I'll just keep it up 'til you say yes". It is just so boyishly charming that it made me love him so much more. Aro- The contrast between his authority and how he behaves and speaks is hilarious. Granted, there is nothing funny about the situation they're in when we meet him, but he seems like he's trying so hard to make everything less tense in the room. This makes me think that he isn't really that bad of a vamp. Bella- Ok. Previous to reading this, I had heard so many negative things about her depression and how the pages only had months on them, but when I was reading it, I couldn't see anything bad with it. If anything, it was very strongly accurate to depression and what that feels like. I'm not sure why people got so annoyed by that. If anything, it should have made them more aware of anyone around them who seemed "numb". I actually thought the whole month-on-a-page thing was really creative. And you shouldn't have had to have ever been depressed or know anyone depressed to see that- it was obvious that that was what she was feeling.
WORLD: Nothing really spoiler-y to say here. Jake becomes a werewolf, so they are introduced. Adds another element to the series. And like I stated previously, the Volturi come into play, and I think they are really interesting.

Thanks for reading! :)

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