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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Preparing for Queen of Air and Darkness

Image result for emma carstairsMy Queen of Air and Darkness Prep Kit

This is literally a week after the publication of the book, but I'm going to be starting Cassandra Clare's third book in The Dark Artifices series, Queen of Air and Darkness. I'm finishing up some assignments for the semester for the rest of today and then tonight onward it is all book time all the time-- starting with this book that will probably destroy me.

THIS IS A PREP KIT NOT A SURVIVAL GUIDE <-- lol I probably will die while reading this book

Now, while I have not had too much time to actually reread the books (because let's be honest here, they are huge with a lot of details and I am neither going to remember all of those details nor reread those books right now), I have been spending the past week preparing for this book by watching BookTube videos and reading my own posts and reviews about this series. There are a couple of major things that I am looking forward to seeing and/or hoping get resolved. Please skip over this next part if you have not read Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows because I will be spoiling things. You can resume reading after the photo of Cassandra Clare.

Image result for julian blackthorn

1. Livvy-- Oh God we're going to have to watch all of the Blackthorns cope and deal with this tragedy. I know it's going to break my heart because my eyes are watering just thinking about that moment at the end of LoS. I'm especially worried about Julian though because we have seen him take on so much of a parental role in his family. So not only will he be mourning as a brother and a family member, but I feel like he's also going to be bringing a lot of guilt with him that will spiral him deeper into his own darkness.

2. The Sebastian love-child-- HOLY S__T THIS HAD BETTER BE CORRECT! I have this theory that the faerie teen blonde whatever that Dru meets is the love-child of Sebastian and the queen. I got to this point right at the very end of my Lord of Shadows review and I am holding to it. I will be looking for this confirmation around every corner of this next book. And if I'm wrong I may chuck the book across the room. Then again, if I'm right I'll probably chuck this book off the roof of my house in celebration while dancing like I'm in faerie.

3. Magnus being sick-- My poor baby and all the other poor warlock/witch babies. Somewhere in the chaos of everything else in every corner of the Shadowhunter world someone needs to figure out what the hell is happening to these people and FIX IT. If Magnus dies I will not recover from that- let alone what it would mean for all the other characters and the balance of the world and the powers within this world.

Image result for idris shadowhunters4. The parabatai bond-- We all know this is the real plot of the story (see number 5 for more of what I mean). But seriously, we don't have a loophole yet that would let Julian and Emma be together! DUWCGSKBSA This element of the story is 100% going to be resolved in Queen of Air and Darkness. If it's not, I don't know why I would have read it. However, this could be done in almost any way. At this point after reading so many Cassie Clare books, the sky could be ripped open with rainbow glitter and have a sea dragon poop his blessing over the two of them and I would only be a little surprised. But one of the two of them could also die. So there's that.

5. Annabel is still a thing I guess? Honestly the main plot of this series around Annabel has kind of escaped my attention. I know it's a thing, and there's the Black Book or whatever, but with everything else going on if feels like worrying about a leaking faucet in the middle of a hurricane. I don't even know if I'm spelling her name correctly right now. It is on my radar though and I know it will probably come up in this book in a big way.

There's more than these things I know, but there's just so much to cover that I didn't want to overwhelm this post with it all. This is just a starter kit for people to prepare themselves. I didn't even touch on the potential threesome that could happen in this book. Clearly, there are things I didn't mention.

Image result for cassandra clare
A part of me forgot how all-consuming this series is. This past week has been such a struggle to not let myself get side-tracked by this book and falling headfirst back into this world. If you still are waiting for your finals/semester/quarter/year to end, KEEP GOING. I BELIEVE IN YOU. This book will be here when we're finished and I think this may have been the best route because after I'm done with everything, I will be able to fully devote my attention to this novel.

Here's the list of what I've gone over in case you need something too: 
***Please note that it will take you hours to read/watch everything here.***
******I'm going to link to one of my favourite BookTubers. It is just personal preference because I think her videos are amazing but I'm sure there are others out there as well.******

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Thanks for reading and I'm so looking forward to this book!

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