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Saturday, December 29, 2018

BDB Series by J.R. Ward-- Review of Books 7-9

5098079Reviews of Books 7-9 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

In continuing this miniature tradition of reviewing this series in groups of three, here are my thoughts on books 7 through 9 of the series! Probably almost completely irrelevant because these books came out eons ago, but here are my thoughts nonetheless.

Lover Avenged (Rehvenge and Ehlena)
I did not really feel attached to Rehv and Ehlena until close to the middle of the book, which is sad for so many reasons in so many ways. It was a good book-- I have yet to read a bad book in this series-- but it just didn't grab my attention the way the other ones have so far. The ending though was really engaging and I couldn't put it down for about the last quarter of the book.

7046495Lover Mine (John Matthew and Xhex)
I know people who are huge John Matthew fans, and this was like their favorite of all the books, but I don't really care for John Matthew that much. It's not like I don't like him, so much as I don't think he's as interesting as some of the other characters. The most interesting thing about him is the connection with Darius and I have yet to see that connection actually get made by any of the characters and I want it to happen SO BADLY. Xhex was also slightly frustrating in this book because I had always pictured her as more, for lack of better words, masculine. She was literally the definition of defying gender stereotypes and it was great! But there were moments in this book where it was sort of taken away from her, either in physical or emotional description. **sigh**

Lover Unleashed (Payne and Manny)
8492319Like previously mentioned, I love Vishous. He is easily one of my favorite characters if not my all time favorite. And I know this book is technically about Payne and Manny, but isn't is also about V and Jane again? Because it sort of is and I loved reading those moments between the two of them where they really settle into their relationship and V becomes more open to expressing his emotions to Jane. It was amazing to watch. And Payne and Manny were great to see together as well, although I wish Manny had followed up on the testing thing that he could have done-- that would have been cool to get another vampire in the house. Other than that, I love Payne. I love that she straight up does not give a crap that she is a woman/female and she will do anything and everything that the guys do as well, without taking any flack from them at the same time.

And there they are! My comments for books 10-12 probably won't be up for a while because I still have to read The King and as it is the end of the year, I foresee a lot of more "fun" posts in the near future. So while you won't be getting my thoughts on the next three books for a bit, you will be getting other things!!

Thanks for reading!

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