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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rowaelin (Throne of Glass): A Ship in My Fleet

A Ship in My Fleet
Rowaelin (Rowan x Aelin)
From: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
***I am not sure what I will be spoiling and/or from which books they could be from. Assume this whole post has spoilers***

I may or ay not have shared my excitement for this ship and the new release of Empire of Storms (book 5) that is coming out next week. But I have loved this ship since before they even tolerated each other in Heir of Fire. Damn, Sarah, such great ships..... great ships..... Rowan and Aelin are one of the most perfect relationships that I think I have ever read and will ever read. I don't know if this helps put it in perspective, but my Throne of Glass Pinterest board mostly revolves around these two characters. In book 3, they hate each other and then grow to be a completely badass duo in fighting. And in book 4, that badassness grows by about a gagillion levels and then they both start to realize, gasp, they have feelings for each other!!! But then Rowan is a butt for a while about it, and then s*** goes down and they don't get to have their moment until the end of the huge book that is Queen of Shadows. I can't wait to see what happens in Empire of Storms!!! ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!

When I Started Shipping:
Like I said already, I really started shipping these two way before I probably should have (who am I kidding- I am so proud that I called this a thing so soon).  Way back in Heir of Fire, when these two first meet, they pretty much hate each other's guts. Aelin is depressed and not herself + Rowan still closed off to all things since Lyria died + almost zero proper communication between the two + two really short tempers = the first half of Heir of Fire. I still shipped it. There was something about them, that I can't really put name to. And even before this book, I didn't really ship Aelin/Celaena with anyone. It just didn't seem right. But this does. :)

Favorite Canon Moment:
Oh there are so many at this point I don't even know where to choose. For example, there's the moment when at the end of Heir of Fire Rowan throws Aelin into water and then jumps in after her. So cute. I think... I'm going to say... that ONE of my favorite moments was when Rowan first comes to Rifthold in Queen of Shadows and shows up out of nowhere. They just embrace each other and take in the smell and feel of the other and it is such a great adorable moment. There are so many moments....

Damn. Rowan is one of those characters that, damn. Damn he is great. I love the moodiness and the darker history. And he is an ass to Aelin at first. Really, actually, an ass. But then he finds out about her past and he just feels horrible and ever since really sees her and now that they are like an actual thing he still balances her out. He is the (mostly) even-tempered one that makes Aelin think things through. Plus I found the whole, "I can't be with her she deserves better", thing a little endearing. Plus he's fae. Automatically great.

Like above, Aelin is there to balance out Rowan and is the one who helps convince him that he is worthy and that he is not an awful person/fae. I think the biggest thing with Aelin, is that with Rowan she has found an equal as Aelin. Not as Celaena (Sam), or Lilian (Dorian), or Elentiya (Chaol), but AELIN!!! The best of her and her character is brought out because Rowan shows her that he deserves happiness and can be who she is destined to be. He makes sure she accepts herself- all of herself- and believe that she isn't essentially an evil bitch.

THEYARE AMAZING TOGETHER!!!! They are the balance to each other that they had both so desperately needed for the longest time. Not only do they grow and come out to accept themselves because of each other, but they are both so much more motivated now to be the best that they can be, which is, I think, one of the best things that can happen in a successful relationship.

These guys have come so far in two books and there are TWO MORE COMING!!!!! AND ONE OF THOSE TWO COMES OUT NEXT WEEK!!!!!! Holy shit holy shit holy shit it is finally upon us: the release of Empire of Storms. Let's hope for lost of great Rowaelin moments. Shippers of Aelin with someone else, we are going to have to agree to disagree, but I'm almost 94% positive that this is endgame. We're done bouncing around from ship to ship at this point. Rowaelin or bust.

Thanks for reading!!

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