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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Torn Release and Big Giveaway

31038172Today is so exciting!!! Another Jennifer L Armentrout book is being release today, and not only is it another one of her books, but it is Torn, the next book in the Wicked Saga. I have been waiting for this book for what seems like centuries, and it is FINALLY HERE!!! The Wicked Saga is about Ivy Morgan and her job working for the Order. She meets this guy Ren and as they start to get to know each other more they both realize that they each have secrets. There are fight scenes, romantic scenes, and one of my personal favorite magical creatures. Seriously, if you haven't read it yet- go do so now, it is phenomenal. Here is the link to the Goodreads page of the first book, Wicked: And here is the link to the second book Torn (which comes out today)

As the title of this post mentions, Jennifer L Armentrout is hosting a GIGANTIC giveaway in honor of the release of this book. There are 36 books in physical format, and a Kindle to read the ebooks. PLUS, it is international, so anybody can enter. Here is the link to her website and giveaway:

Lastly, if you haven't read any Jennifer Armentrout book yet, GO DO IT NOW! They are freaking fantastic and I have never been disappointed with one. If you have only read a few, you know what I'm talking about too, and you should go read the other ones. Good luck and happy reading!

Thanks for reading!

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