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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review: Ignite Me

My rating: 5 of 5 stars 
Ignite Me
I know that these books are received usually in extremes: people either hate them or love them. I think all of them are completely amazing. There were five main things that made it stand out to me.....

1. The writing style. I can see how it annoys some people with the broken sentences and weird spacings but I think the it's brilliant. It adds another creative piece to the story that further emphasizes Juliette's way of thinking, helping connect the reader to her as a person. It makes reading the book even more interesting because it shows the instability and passion that lies behind the characters and story.

2. The whole thing flowed so well together and it was relatively easy to follow (yet not too easy). There were no awkward moments where you had no idea what was going on and you were completely lost. While there were a few surprising moments, it all still fit in with the plot line of the story. I almost want to say that it flowed too smoothly, because there was so much going on that I feel like the end got cut short. There was this major preparation and plotting, etc., etc.; and then like 3 chapters to finish off the Supreme Commander. But other than that, the whole thug worked really well and everything came together really nicely on the end. (Nicely being a relative word- there were a few upsetting parts)

3. How the characters developed. They also just evolved and grew so much and there were so many different aspects of them shown that changes the way you see them. I love these changes because not only if they show more of the characters, but they make them seem more human. Especially when it comes to Adam and Aaron. They just completely develop new traits that are exposed to the reader in the most perfect way. The way she further brings the characters to life in this book really connect the reader to them, which leads me to my next point....

4. The characters themselves. ***coughKenjicough*** Need I say more?

5. WARNETTE!!!!!!!!!!! I love this pairing and the book just made me soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

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