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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The 100 by Kass Morgan Review WITH SPOILERS

The 100 by Kass Morgan Review
WITH SPOILERS3.5 stars out of 5

17332969I am not a huge sci-fy person, so that may be part of the reason why this review is only 3.5 stars out of 5. It was really well written and the is the first sort of book that I have personally read were there are people sent onto an abandoned Earth to see if it is life-sustaining. So for me, this was a really cool and different plot set up. It was good and I enjoyed it a lot, but like I said, this genre is hard for me to get into. BUT, if this is your sort of genre, I would definitely recommend it and even if it isn't your genre, I would still read it. I did and I enjoyed it.


 I actually really liked how the characters interacted with each other and what their personalities were like.

Glass (and Luke): Glass's chapters were my favorites. They were the ones that I loved because she and Luke are absolutely adorable and their story together is heart-breaking. They are probably my favorite ship, but I think they're dead now... right? ***sad face***

Clarke: She seems like a pretty cool person. I think it's great how she had bad shit happen to her, but won't go right back to the guy who caused it. She sees how relationships can be toxic and is staying away. :)

Bellamy: He is definitely interesting and I love how protective he is with his sister. That is a show of good character and I hope that that protectiveness seeps into his relationship with Clarke. That being said....

Bellamy x Clarke: This is the other ship that I support in this book/series. I think they are good for each other and will help each other develop and adapt to how they need to be now that they are on Earth. Do they have a ship name? Clellamy? Belarke? ???

Wells: I don't really like him. I understand that he is doing what he things is best for Clarke, but that kind of obsession can turn bad really quickly and can be even worse for the people surrounding them. Example: Talia.

I actually listened to this as an audio book, but I really think it was smart that it was broken up into four points of view, specifically those our points of view. This way, you get views from three different people on Earth with all that is going on, and a POV from space and all that is going on there.

I hope you guys will like this book!! I did and I will be reading the next one at some point. :) I think I may watch the TV show from the CW too....

Thanks for reading!

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