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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bellarke (The 100): A Ship in My Fleet

A Ship in My Fleet
From: The 100 by Kass Morgan
***I am not sure what I will be spoiling and/or from which books they could be from. Assume this whole post has spoilers***
Soooo..... where I'm at the the series (book 1), they aren't really a thing thing yet. But I'm a pro at shipping almost non-existent ships. There is backup for this one though! They had their kiss (one of the best parts) and they are sort of hovering around their feelings for each other. It kills me because this is one of those situations where they're both liking each other, but not saying anything because they're getting opposite signals from the other. Wrong signals, but still there. And they are going to be awesome once they happen in the series- because I have a feeling they will happen- and I will fully support it.

When I Started Shipping:
I am not entirely sure when I started shipping them, but I do. I think it may have been around the time that they were both walking around trying to find the medicine and they were talking about Earth stuff. Their previous misconceptions about personalities were knocked down and they learned that they had common ground between them. They seemed to get along well and then the kiss happened. So that kinda sealed the deal.
Favorite Cannon Moment:
That kiss!!! I approve I beyond approve. Approval can barely describe how happy it mad me and it makes me sound like a creep. But it was that moment when the pieces of their personalities clicked and I realized they'll be really good for each other. There were later moments too, when there wasn't anything actually happening, but it was their POVs and they were both just thinking about the other one. I thought those parts were really cute and adorable. It shows that neither of them are pretending or putting on a show.
Not going to lie, I love how he is so protective. It comes from him needing to protect his sister, but it is totally a part of his personality and I can definitely see that spreading into a relationship with Clarke. Not only that, but he genuinely wants to take care of people and has a natural sense of leadership.

I feel really bad for Clarke. She has had a tough time with her parents, and then trying to make the whole Earth thing happen. But she needs someone to rely on and confide in, and Bellamy is a perfect fit for that. He is so similar to her, but at the same time is like the opposite half of her, so there is a balance between the two of them.

Bellamy and Clarke are the kinds of people that are both independent, but they can work really well together and trust each other and be there for each other and make sure the correct decisions are made. Plus, he made Clarke feel better after her parents death, Wells's betrayal, being captive and exiled, etc. And she was able to get him to stop worrying about Octavia for a little while.

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