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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Review: Wicked by Jennifer L Armentrout

Book Review
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22895264I absolutely adore Jennifer Armentrout's books. They have a way of just making themselves home in your head and living there, completely consuming all of your thoughts. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE PARANORMAL ASPECT IN WICKED!!!! Not going to lie, it is probably partially just because I love these creatures in general, but still. I freaked the heck out when I realized what we were dealing with here. I'm going to go straight into a spoiler section because I can't stop spazz-ing about this one, but I would recommend this to everyone (of a mature age) who loves paranormal, New Orleans :), or Jennifer's books in general.

THEY ARE DEALING WITH FAE!!!! DO YOU PEOPLE REALIZE HOW MUCH I LOVE THOSE CREATURES????!?!?!!!! I totally went crazy when I read that those were the things they were hunting. And I'm not going to lie, I was hoping that the love interest was going to be fae (the Orlando Bloom description...LOVE LOVE LOVE)..... but. Ren. He's pretty amazing too, even though he's not a supernatural being. He is however, quite special in his own little way, with the whole I'm-in-a-secret-society-within-a-secret-society thing. I actually really loved the dynamic that was between Ren and Ivy. It just seemed extremely real to me because of Ivy's past and how she reacted to being in another relationship for the first time after all of that happened. And Ren's reaction to Ivy's freaking out was also just incredibly real to me, with how he was kind of pissed and demanded an answer. 10 out of 10 for realism.

There was also, I felt, a lot of action in this one. They didn't necessarily interact with the fae as much as I wished they would have, but they were always doing something, or there was something else progressing or developing. And the fighting seemed pretty cool. In the beginning when the fae just pulled out a gun, I loved Ivy's "Oh ****" reaction. And it took me longer than usual to figure out the betrayal, which I appreciated. Jennifer just did a really good job keeping so many character's suspicious to me with their unknown actions and motives. Ultimately, I did figure out that it was going to be Val, and I was slightly annoyed how Ivy just doesn't grasp this concept, but I'm thinking (hoping) that it gets developed more later. With this, I really, REALLY hope that we get to interact with the fae more. Especially that fae prince. ;) He was going to spare her without knowing that she was a halfling. Motive=bit of humanity??

TINK. He gets his own paragraph. I absolutely adored this little brownie. He's sassy, funny, and he is like the best annoying roommate anybody could have. He is supportive of Ivy, was ready to kick serious butt for her, and is also (now) even more vital to everything than he originally was. I want him to have a little brownie friend.

Sadly, there were a few things that I was like "eeehhhhhh.......". The primary one being the character traits within this story. I've read quite a few of Jennifer Armentrout's book by this point, and I hate to say this, but I feel like a repetition is coming up for her characters. Their traits, lines, and personalities are starting to all look really similar. Don't get me wrong, they are usually really strong, sassy, and have hilarious statements. But after reading a few books with this, I think I would like to see some more diversity. The other thing is the ending. I was not surprised at all with her discovering that she's a halfling. Like- at all. I'm honestly not even that worried about it..... watch her die now, but still. I'm just kinda blase about that situation, I think, because I was expecting it.

Jennifer Armentrout's books will make you laugh out loud and simultaneously make you worry about the fate of the story and the world that she has created.Thanks for reading!

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