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Friday, October 28, 2016

Shadowspell by Jenna Black REVIEW

Shadowspell by Jenna Black
4.8 out of 5 Stars
This book was great. It didn't have the sophomore slump, it kept moving, and we got to meet new characters.... all in all, it was such a nice read. Jenna Black wrote such a fun and entertaining story in Shadowspell, and I can't wait to pick up the last book in the series! There were a few times that I wished the fae were a little darker and we got to see more of them, but there was a character that helped fix this situation... ;) I really enjoyed this book. Again, just like Glimmerglass, this wasn't a difficult read, but it was fun. And everyone needs fun books. :)



Dana: I still love this girl. She will literally not take crap from anyone and is not afraid to say it or show it. There were a few moments that were astronomically stupid, but I probably would have made the same astronomically stupid mistake, so I can't really blame her for that. The one thing that I wish was different about her character is her attachment to Ethan. Don't get me wrong, I love dedication between two people in a relationship. But they weren't together at the time that the Erlking came, and Ethan was an ass before that, so it just didn't make sense to me why she would be doing all of these things out of her feelings for Ethan. And I know that she would have done it anyway, no matter who it was, but she didn't even entertain the idea of her NOT being with Ethan, and give instead, Keane, a chance. It just seemed like a sudden and overly strong attachment.

Arawn: I loved this guy. He was actually amazing and was the dark tricky fae character that was missing in book one. Plus, I love how he acts in general. Yes, he's super manipulative, but that's what fae are, and there is a certain art form to the way that he is manipulative. But aside from all of that, he also seems to care whenever he can. He may say that he doesn't, but really, I think that he tries to avoid causing people pain and suffering with no reason. If it benefits him, then he'll do it. But he isn't a sadist dong it for no reason. I JUST REMEMBERED! That part where he just casually says that he'll make a deal with her, but she needs to sleep with him??? I was not expecting that. I was expecting something like marriage, a child, a geis, anything really. But NOT THAT. He said that, and my first thought was actually, "How the f*** does he know that?". My second thought was, "wtf?!?" That moment was probably the craziest moment of the book and I also thought it was the funniest, just because it came out of nowhere and was said with perfection on the Erlking's part, because he just didn't seem to think anything of it, and Dana was also, like me, like wtf?? It was great.

We see so much more of Keane in this book and I really loved it. I didn't realize that he was going to be an actual main (ish) character based off of book 1. But the more we saw of him in book 2, the more I liked his character. It did seem rather sudden though when Dana confronts him about his feelings and he did have some for her?? Where the hell did that come from?!?! There wasn't really a build up to that moment, and it did bother me a little bit. But, Keane as a character was amazing. I loved when he was in the story and we got to see him interact with everyone.

Kimber's character is more developed now, which I appreciate. She's is still a little disorienting in her personality and seems to jump from super girly and fluffy to cold bitch. It isn't as bad in this book though. I think the shock of the complete sudden shift from book 1 is gone and it is almost more natural to her character in book 2 to behave that way.


I still really love the world that Jenna Black has created. There's the faerie world, the human world, and there's Avalon. I WANT TO VISIT THIS PLACE!!! It just seems so interesting and, not going to lie, a part of me would love for fae to be real so that I can meet them. Plus, with the Erlking, we get some more background on the fae world and how their politics work. SUPER interesting.

This series is going really well so far, so if you are looking for a fun, fast series to read, pick up these books! The first one is Glimmerglass and it was just as fun as this one.
Thanks for reading!

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