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Sunday, July 29, 2018

24 Hour Work-A-Thon

Image result for writing24 Hour Work-A-Thon

The last time I did something similar to this was a 12 Hour Reading Challenge where I read 540 pages read in 12 hours.

This was not quite the same and I am not too thrilled with how much "work" I actually got done.

28600081Here are the totals:
Books read: 1.6
Pages read: 569ish (maybe closer to 600?)
Words written/edited: 3,112

I also managed to get a workout in, which I was really happy with, but that doesn't really count for bookish work getting done. I think I also did some blogging stuff, but nothing new was written, just published or promo-ed on social media, so again, doesn't count.

17167166Starting off strong, I finished off Throne of Glass and went right into listening to the audiobook of The Call by Peadar Ó Guilín while I cleaned up in my room. Quick side note: this audiobook is why I'm not entirely sure about my pages read count. I was only able to finish around three chapters before my room was clean and I didn't want to just lie on my bed listening to a book. At this point, I picked up Crown of Midnight and started in on that one. If you're wondering why so much ToG, it's all part of my plan to prepare for Kingdom of Ash. I'm hoping to have the series reread by the time I go back to school. That's the plan, anyway. Who knows if it will actually happen.

Anyway, it was somewhere in the middle of CoM that I fell asleep for the first time. I woke up, completely foggy, and needed to like take a lap around my house to wake myself back up. It was after this that I sat down and wrote out and edited (rough edits) a short story. If it ever publishes, I'll link that here, but until then, I wrote it and I like it and if you think that doesn't count as work you can go eat a moldy pickle.

Image result for readingSeriously though, it took hours to write that little monster. Blogging and stream of conscious stuff I can crank out like nothing, but actually trying to communicate something with emotion and characters and fine-tuning it to get exactly what I want across if freaking hard. I applaud authors. Their job is hard.

After this was done though, I picked CoM back up. There's something about the second half of this book and all of the next book, Heir of Fire, that has a weird ability to really make me love reading but also fall into a really bad funk. It was after finishing CoM that I really fell asleep. It was like my mind quit and succumbed to a deep delusional fangirl slumber. I worked out when I woke back up and then by the time I got home the 24 hours were up and that was that!

Thanks for reading!

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