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Monday, May 23, 2016

A Court of Mist and Fury Review WITH SPOILERS

A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses #2) by Sarah J Maas


5.5 of 5 Stars

PLOT: Not going to lie, I was nervous about the plot line of this book, because everything was kind of wrapped up nice and neatly in ACOTAR with Amarantha's death and that whole setup of book 1. But then we found out about the King of Hybern and I was super excited. This was developed pretty well, but it wasn't the main thing on my mind while I was reading this. I was mostly concerned about my ship (Feysand) and I absolutely loved how Sarah made this happen and how it developed.

17927395 CHARACTERS: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CALLED IT I KNEW THAT IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN THEY ARE COMPLETELY AND UNDENIABLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!! Instead of talking about characters, I'm going to talk about the ships.

TamxFeyre: No. I didn't ship them in book 1 and I certainly do not ship them now. Granted, Tamlin was put through a traumatic experience, but that doesn't excuse how he treated Feyre. She was put through a lot too, and she didn't want to sit by and do nothing. She's stronger than that. So they were not healthy together at all. Really Tamlin, you didn't notice that Feyre wasn't sleeping, eating, smiling, or doing anything remotely healthy? Really?

RhysxFeyre: LIAURGNIJROHGARHRLGVJFGIHFSODJGDSLL I love Rhys. He's the best. Easily my favorite character in the entire goddamn series. He honestly is so much better for Feyre and she for him than anybody else that may cross their paths. Rhys encourages Feyre to be strong and hold her own, and Feyre doesn't take Rhys' crap and knows how to help him cope with things and relax. And they're mates. Can't forget that ;). Seriously though, I may not totally approve of Rhys' decision not to Feyre about the mating bond, but I respect him for his motive as to why he didn't. I just.... THE FEELS AOGYHRE;OAIGHRDAKHDAGJROEAIJ.

LucianxElain: Hmmmmm..... I can see it. Lucian needs to get his head back on his head first, but then I can totally see him and Feyre tag teaming againts Tamlin and Hybern and it all going perfectly. Then I think he'll really get Elain.

CassxNesta: So this is a thing. I don't have the extra chapter, but I guess I could see this working. My only questions is- What if one of them gets a mate (Because they don't have that bond- right?)?

Side note- I also love the Night Court. Mor and Amren are some of my favorite characters. They're nothing like Ianthe (I wouldn't mind if she died). But Mor and Amren are like the opposite sisters that help balance the group.

WORLD: So many details are put into this world, I would probably get a headache trying to explain it in a way that made sense. So just know that it is incredible. It really is it's own world, and I don't think there are any holes in it, at least not that I can tell.

Review in a nutshell- GO READ THIS BOOK. You will love it. And then you will wonder what on earth you were doing before you read it.

Thanks for Reading!

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