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Friday, June 1, 2018

SPOILER FREE Review of War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

27188596War Storm by Victoria Aveyard
4.1 out of 5 stars

This sad time has come..... the end of a great series. And Victoria Aveyard really did a great job wrapping this one up. There were a couple of frustrations, but overall it was a fantastic ending that closed up a lot of details in a really satisfying way. War Storm was dynamic and powerful, driving home the end of the story in an electrifying way. This ending in particular may be one of the best young adult series endings I have ever read.

It is going to be so sad to really say goodbye to this series once the book hangover fades away. Since Red Queen came out in 2015 this series has always been one of the books that I look forward to every year, and now there will be none. I really hope Victoria Aveyard keeps writing though and making fantastic worlds like this one. I don't want to continue in this one- the ending was too good, anything else would ruin it- but I think she has a great talent for world building and creating these complicated characters. I hope that eventually we will see more of this skill.

Thanks for reading!

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