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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

Image result for avengers infinity war posterAvengers: Infinity War
Movie Review
5 out of 5 stars

It has been a long time since I have thought a Marvel movie was perfectly designed and executed, but Avengers: Infinity War really blew me away. It was perfectly balanced in every aspect of character development, plot detail, and humorous interjections. I was really worried about this one too because there were going to be so many characters and plot elements that needed to happen, or at least were set up to happen. 

Notes for the rest of this: 
1) There will be lots of SPOILERS. Read at your own risk
2) I have not read the comics, or even seen the movies a billions times. I am a Marvel fan, not a Marvel fanatic, so if I get small details wrong, please forgive them.

Image result for avengers infinity warThe first thing that I want to talk about is the character development of Gamora. She's always been a really cool character throughout the movies, but I really love how we get to see more of her history. It really rounds her out as a character and there is just the most perfect wait to let that history of her and her father sink in before Thanos kills her. That made the moment all the more heart-wrenching because of the lack of understanding on her part. 

The other character whose story has become really interesting is Banner's. His whole relationship with the Hulk side of him is fascinating. I'm not entirely sure what it is that is making the Hulk refuse to come out, but I'm wondering if is what happened in Thor 3? Or was there something preceding that movie that is making this happen? For whatever it is, it is really interesting to see play out across these multiple movies and come to a tipping point in this one. I really really hope the Hulk comes back for the next movie and that there is a kick-ass resolution for this character.

Image result for avengers infinity warApparently, none of the actors, or close to none of the actors, read the actual script with the real ending. And honestly, rightfully so I think because HOLY COW- so many people died in this movie! The deaths that really got me were Peter's and Bucky's. The latter because we just got him back, and then he died, so we lost him all over again. Peter's really got to me because he became so vulnerable at the end and he completely leaned on Tony in a way that showed their father-son-like relationship. And then, of course, my favorite died- T'Challa- and that massively sucked. I don't think all of these characters are dead though because a good deal of them have sequels coming out in the future.

Image result for avengers infinity war tchalla
My biggest lingering question from this movie is: how is Tony going to get back to Earth? Because I really think that's where he needs to go, if only to talk to Aunt Mae. The obvious answer is that Nebula is going to start up the ship or fly over there with him, but what is that relationship going to look like? Are they going to be able to commandeer a ship with just the two of them? Which ships are still working? Whose are they going to take? What will happen when they land? 

What kills me in this movie is that STUPID STAR LORD HAD TO POKE THE BEAR. Nearly literally- he just had to punch Thanos when he did. If he had waited until the gauntlet was off, then not only would the universe be safe and no one would have died, but he probably would have been able to beat the crap out of him due to pure anger afterwards at that point. Stupid. Just completely stupid.

Image result for avengers infinity war spidermanAround this same moment, Dr. Strange gives up the time stone, which a couple of people I saw the movie with were wondering about. First, I really think that he had to do that because he saw that there was only one possible option to win the war and I think that had to be a part of the equation. Secondly, why did he not just chop off Thanos's head with the time sphere thing? Well, there are two points to that. The first is that he probably didn't know that was the way to kill Thanos. Sure it was probably a possibility, but the second point is that he might have seen that option and maybe Thanos was too quick in reacting to the sphere and it ended up failing spectacularly somehow. No matter what though, I have complete confidence that Dr. Strange knew what he was doing when he gave up the stone.

This leads into the question of how the time stone will play into the ending and if it will be used to bring characters back. Because while I think it could be used hypothetically to bring some back, it would be a cop out to use it to bring everyone back. Also, I really don't think everyone survives, specifically Captain America. This is based entirely on my own theories and whispers of what I think happens in the comics, but doesn't Cap die? Also, doesn't Chris Evans's contract end in 2019? Anyway, I also don't think the time stone could be used to un-kill half of the universe. This is a very serious problem that needs to get solved in the next movie, and I think the time stone will play a fairly large role in it.
Image result for avengers infinity war poster captain america 
Lastly, in the end credit we see Fury page someone, but all we see is a symbol. Again, in the theater, a lot of people were wondering whose symbol that was and who was being called on, but my immediate thought would be Captain Marvel? I've just heard his name, I have no clue where he fits in the timeline or the comics, but couldn't there be a way for it to make sense? I don't know enough about this hero to more fully elaborate on this theory, but there it is. Please make of it what you will- I'm going to blindly stick with it, but would love more info on it.

Thanks for reading!

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