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Saturday, January 6, 2018


Image result for feysandShips in A Court of Wings and Ruin
A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas

I think this may be one of my favorite ships of all time.... then again, it may just be because of Rhys, so I'll have to think about this one a bit before I officially declare it as "all-time favorite".  There are so many pieces of this ship though that make it incredible. First, I would like to state that I shipped them in book 1. Some people are probably reading that and thinking it's bullshit, but I seriously did. I wasn't lukewarm about it either- the end of book 1 happened and I was ecstatic and I DEVOURED the second book to figure out what happened. It's already been a paragraph and I've barely touch the actual ship, so I'll just make a whole post about them later. There's no way I can condense this into a paragraph.

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This is the ship that has literally exploded across the fandom, and while I ship it, I am not as fanatic about it as others. I will say though that I am really supportive of the two of them, because you have Nesta who is super intense and will not show emotion and then you have Cassian who is a flirt and very demonstrative. I'm not sure if it's the ship that I love then so much as it is the situations that they get into. Seeing them break these characteristics for each other is really what gets to me. It just shows how much that they mean to each other, even if it's an accidental show of emotion. The one possible hiccup would be if either of them found a mate. I don't think that will happen, at least from a literary perspective because it is supposed to be a rare thing and we already have two pairs. However, if it were to happen, would they break the bond with the other so that they could be Nessian? I don't know....

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I'm giving them a chance. They are mates after all, and while Elain is dealing with her own shit ton of being turned into a Fae, I really think that her and Lucien have personalities that will go well together. Lucien very clearly cares enough to put her in front of himself and the instinct to be around her. Hell, he left the freaking court that she was in and wouldn't even see her because she wasn't ready to. There is definitely trouble ahead though because poor Azriel may or may not have a thing for her.

In terms of Elriel, I don't know how much I support this ship. I guess it's there? It wasn't as present though when I read A Court of Wings and Ruin although I guess that their scenes could be read that way. In my perfect happy world though, Elain ends up with Lucien and Az finds someone else to take care of and be happy with.  For them to end up together, the bond between Elain and Lucien would have to be broken, which is not possible in this world correct?

Hit me like a pile of bricks, this one did. This is the ship that although they don't have a bunch of page time, I am obsessed with the time that they do have. Varian calms Amren down a bit and gets her to give up her other creature-thing. I died when that happened. The only thing that I would like to see more of in the upcoming books though is in addition to more page time for these two, more characterization of Varian. He seems like a really great guy, but I just don't know if he's as fleshed out as they other characters are. If he were to be built up character-wise a bit more than I think this ship will be even better than it is now. Side note- does anyone know their official ship name???

I just want Mor to find someone. I take that back- at the very least, I want her to tell the Court of Dreams that she's gay so that she can at least have a chance of finding someone. Plus, Az will stop (maybe) harboring feelings for her and move on. The only possible ship I can think of for Mor is Viviane, who I feel like knows that Mor is gay. This ship can't happen though because Viviane is with and perfect with Kallias. So Mor is still left alone- unless she meets someone new in the future books. The only other not-very-well-known character right now is Vassa, the mortal queen that is cursed by some sorcerer. Maybe Mor will end up with her?

Thanks for reading!

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