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Friday, May 26, 2017

Lord of Shadows Ships

Ships in Lord of Shadows
The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare

Julian and Emma: Jemma Blackstairs ship these two the hardest out of all the other ships in the series. This is slightly expected, because they are the two biggest protagonists, but they are also their story and the way the interact with each other and balance each other out is heart melting. Where Julian is ruthless, Emma is considerate; where Julian takes on too much responsibility, Emma picks up what he can't and is there for him to lean on; where Julian is a control freak, Emma is more laid back and open; I could go on and on, but in the end these two deserve to have a chance to be together.

Emma and Mark: Memma?
In Lord of Shadows, I think these two hit the nail on the head: in another time, if things had gone down differently, they would have had a shot. But as it is, they really are I think best as like siblings.

Mark/Cristina/Kieran Question:
This is the most confusing love-triangle-but-more-like-a-threesome ship in the history of not just this series, of not just Cassie's books, but of all the YA books I have ever read. I guess the question is really who is Mark going to pick: Cristina or Kieran? If that's the case, I'm going to say that at this very moment I would hope that Mark would pick Kieran. But it isn't as simple as that! Because Kieran has this weird respect and admiration for Cristina and they develop into having their own sort of friendship thing where even at the end of the book Cristina goes as far as to convince Diego to hide Kieran at the Scholomance. Plus, there was the moment when she and Kieran danced together. Throw Mark back into this equation, and there is a very messy convoluted question of how things are going to be resolved. I honestly would not be surprised if what Emma said comes true: there is going to be a faerie threesome in the next book. Oh my. How would you even combine all three names?

Image result for kieran and markDiana and Gwyn: (comment if you know their name!)
These two and their relationship came out of freaking nowhere and I love it. From the moment Gwyn hits on Diana in his strange and very blunt Fae way I loved this ship. And then as the story progressed and we got to see them together more and more and learn more about the backstory, I loved it even more. They came out of nowhere, but I am definitely rooting for these two to be happy at the end of the last book just as much as I am for the other more prominent ships.

Diego and Cristina:
I think they're done. There might be a chance for them to get back together now that Diego explained himself, but I really don't think so if he's up against two incredibly hot faeries(/half-faeire). It's more than that too though, because he did lie to Cristina and while it could be argued that he had other motives for his actions, he still didn't trust her with the information and the plan that he and Jaime had. That's not good, and I think Cristina knows that, and she's also just grown as a person to a point where I don't know if she and Diego would be good together. I'll have to see what happens in the next book before I finalize my opinion on this.

Ty and Kit:
Right now, I see them as being some awesome kick-ass parabatai. I do not see a romantic relationship between them. There a few hints that Kit might feel more for Ty, but I don't think so.... it just doesn't match up with Cassie's other descriptions and writings of what her characters feel in romantic relationships. The way she describes Kit's feelings are like watered down versions that make me think that they will definitely come to love each other, but not in a romantic way, but a parabatai familial way.

Dru and Mini-Seb:
Image result for cristina and mark
THIS IS PURE SPECULATION BASED ON THAT RANDOM PAGE ABOUT THE FAERIE THAT DRU ACCIDENTALLY FINDS. Because that faerie is definitely the love child between Sebastian and the Seelie Queen, is probably what Jace and Clary are trying to find, and didn't seem too terrible to me. Their interaction was almost cute. Mini-Seb snaps at Dru (not nice), but she gives it right back to him and calls him out for it. They continue to have a mini conversation before Dru is like summoned away by Mark, and that conversation isn't hostile I don't think. I read it as a child in isolation being confused and a little scared by a random person walking in. Also, I don't think he's really evil, because his eyes were green. Plus, the word hope was used to describe the look in his eyes when he asked about his mom. That gives me hope that this is a possibility. Plus, then Clary would have a nephew.

Thanks for reading!

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