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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare Review

30312891Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
5 out of 5 Stars
This is truly a five star book- even better than Lady Midnight I think. I may seem subdued now... but that really is only because my head is still spinning from those final scenes and I am in the progress of processing and sorting these things out in my head. It was that well written that all of the knots and developments and were so masterfully crafted that I am still working my mind around them. The feels will come out.... slowly but surely the feels will come out... and there will be cursing and crying and many other strong words: please don't be offended.

Spoilers Below


This was probably, no it was, and even more complicated plot than the first book. So much so that I actually think that it drew away from the book in the beginning of the story. There was just too much to follow and not enough explained too well that it was like running at 100 miles per hour without an shoes on over jagged gravel and rocks. You're tripping, you're falling, and you're forcing yourself back up because you can't resist the urge to keep running and know what's ahead. So it was slightly painful at first, but then the strings got straightened out and it was fabulous. There was the Faeire Unseelie King plot line, the Annabel plot line, the parabatai plot line, the political happenings with the ignorant and narrow-minded bigots, and so many other little ones with the characters. But all of these plots were so well put together in the end. Like I said, hard to tell apart at first, but then you see them and your mind is blown.


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Julian: Holy F***ing shit this kid is seriously twisted in the head. Good intentions for the most part I think. No one could possibly argue that he does not care about his family +Emma. But that's really about it. Outsides of his family and Emma, Julian does not care a single crap about what happens. He will do nasty things to get what is best for his loved ones, and we see this personality shine through, especially in the Unseelie Court. If I were Zara, I would actually be terrified, because all of the things that happened can be traced back to her and her group of half-brained Medieval dwellers. If the Cohort wasn't so twisted and pissy at the meeting, then they wouldn't have thrown stuff at Annabel, then she wouldn't have freaked the fuck out and killed Robert, then Jules and Emma wouldn't have had to fight her, then Livvy wouldn't have been trying to help, then ANNABEL WOULDN'T HAVE KILLED LIVVY. I BLAME ZARA SOMEONE PLEASE SHUT HER DOWN. Julian's gonna be the one to do that- and chances are it will be cringe-worthy and quite unpleasant for Zara.

Emma: I really loved her development from this character that was kinda rash to this person that consults with others and leans on them for help and advice. Maybe it isn't development so much as it is we get to see her more as a friend than a warrior and strategist in this book. I am slightly worried about her though with the Riders and then with Cortana. With the Riders, there will be something about killing a person older than dirt. I'm not saying she shouldn't have, because she was defending herself, but seriously- those other Riders are going to keep coming back for her and her only option right now is to what? Kill all of them? That seems slightly unlikely. And then there's Cortana. What if it's like slowly becoming addictive or something. It has been absorbing the power of all these other items and things that it breaks, so now it contains the strength of the Mortal Sword? Will Emma never be able to tell another lie? What will the Shadowhunters use now? Will they have to *gasp* trust people? I don't know.... that may seem a little alien to them.

Image result for the dark artifices cassandra jeanLivvy&Ty: LIVVY!!!!!! I grew to appreciate these two so much in this book. And Ty finally agreed to be parabatai with Livvy, but now she's dead. She's. Dead. Cassie- What. In. The. Name. Of. The. Angel. NOT OKAY! Do authors just do this for fun? What was the purpose of killing Livvy? There had better be a purpose to causing this harm to not just Liv but also adorable Ty that I just want to hug and have him be happy. Maybe this needed to happen so that Julian will flip his lid. We haven't seen him post-Livvy-mortem yet. So it is very possible that he's cracked now. That would be interesting- slightly terrifying, but definitely interesting- to see. I imagine it would be like watching a hailstorm of blades rain down on the Clave- Julian has been given many sharp, razor-like descriptions. (No joke, the word "razor" is used a lot).

Kit: Praise the Lord we have a Herondale on site. Granted, he's not like a fully trained Clave sassy Herondale, but he is undoubtedly a Herondale. There's the sass, and the hair, and the defiance, and the moodiness, and troubled past. Besides not being raised a shadowhunter, this kid is textbook. My biggest question regarding him, well two questions actually, is 1) who's he shipped with? and 2) who the F is his mother and why do all of those Riders recognize him? Point number 1: I did not appreciate him sort of bouncing back and forth between Livvy and Ty. The ONLY reason why that bothers me so much is that they're twins. Come on. Not just siblings- twins. Twins. That being said, obviously and unfortunately Livvy is no longer an option. But this brings up the question then of whether or not he would choose Ty out of principle or because he's there. That being said, that's assuming it even is a possibility. Cassie usually does such a great job with this stuff and I know there's a lot of stuff online about Ty and Kit, but I just wasn't really getting it.... I honestly thought and still think a bit that they would be great parabatai. It seemed brotherly for the most part between them, not romantic. Although there were a few times from Kit's POV where he described things almost that way? I'm not sure, they're also only 15 so they've got time. Point number 2: The Riders recognized him. This is, I think, really important and slightly alarming as well. The biggest question I believe is finding out who his mother was, because Johnny Rook was his father as far as we know. But Kit has some weird half-memory flashback things which combined with the stuff that the Riders were saying and questioning makes me really curious to know who the heck this kid's mom is.

Mark: I adore this Blackthorn child. Man. Boy? Either way, I love how he really has come out of his Faerie shell now and is still SO honorable. If everyone were like him, I would greatly appreciate it. I actually think many people would appreciate it. I'm going to need a separate ship post, so I won't go into much detail here, but I could see Mark with both Kieran and Cristina.

Cristina: I really loved having Cristina's relationships with the other characters built up. I really did. It was amazing to get to hear about her home in Mexico and have her relationships with Jamie and Diego mostly mended and get to see more of her passion of Faerie and wanting to end the Cold Peace. I really can't wait to see more of her. Again, I need a ship post, but I think I'm leaning toward Mark....?

Kieran: I never hated Kieran and I certainly do not now. Again, like Mark, there's just something honorable and good about him. Yes, he has made mistakes, but we found out in this book that that was because he was mislead so he wasn't making fully informed decisions. Ship post needed, but definitely Mark- I don't know who else, although there is a great respect and interest in Cristina.... see my ship post.

Image result for the dark artifices cassandra jeanUnseelie King: My original title for this character heading was King B***h. That should explain it enough, but if not, I am really looking forward to seeing one of his sons replace him on the throne.

Zara: THIS BITCH NEEDS TO GET HER ASS HANDED TO HER, VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY. I actually felt sick at points when she was talking. Few things bother me more than when people speak out of ignorant narrow-minded backwater opinions and it is actually terrifying that they believe it. For example, I don't think Zara sees anything wrong with what she says and wants, and that is the most terrifying and sickening thing. *screams*

Magnus: Magnus had better make it through this series or I will boycott. There will literally probably be an uprising and I do not blame anyone. The entire time that he's there, I could tell something was off about him, but it isn't until the end that we learn that there is a witch and wizard illness going around, and that Tessa is sick too. (Which, BTW I really want to see Jem and Tessa in the next book)


Image result for alicante shadowhuntersMy favorite world based part of this whole book was that we got to go explore Faerie!!! Yeah there's a blight covering almost all of the Unseelie lands, but we also got to see the Seelie Queen again, bitch though she may be, and WE GOT TO MEET MINI-SEB! THE DEMON SPAWN! I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY THAT CHILD WITH DRU WAS THE LOVE CHILD OF SEBASTIAN AND THE SEELIE QUEEN. More on that in a different post. Anyway, I absolutely loved seeing the revel and the descriptions of the hill and just everything about it. We also got to go back to London and see Jessamine from TID and Bridget was still there. (?) Is that the same Bridget? Am I thinking of someone else? The less pleasant thing that was expanded on in this book was the Cohort. I totally did not even realize that they existed before this book, and I kind of really wish they didn't exist at all. They can go back to hell where they came from in my honest opinion. Generally speaking for the entirety of the book, the world was massive. It already is going into it with previous knowledge from Lady Midnight and the other Shadowhunter books, but in this one it seemed like we spent a lot of time in a lot of different parts of it.


Lord of Shadows was definitely a whirlwind of a thousand pieces of a puzzle coming together to form an overall issue that we unfortunately won't know the answer to until 2019. It will be an agonizing wait. It will. There is no getting around it, just like how Emma and Julian can't get around the curse (Sorry, low blow). I believe the next Shadowhunter book coming out will be Chain of Iron in 2018, and I am super excited about that, because Will. Other people too, but- William Herondale.

Thanks for reading!

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