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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

BDB Series by J.R. Ward-- Review of Books 10-12

10993282Reviews of Books 10-12 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

I'm almost completely caught up with the series at this point!!! I still have to read Prisoner of Night, but I'm done with everything else, including the Black Dagger Legacy books that are currently out. It feels a bit like I've been marathon-reading, but it has been a fun time in the process. I rated these next three all with four stars on Goodreads, but I think overall The King may have been my favorite out of this set?

Lover Reborn (Tohr and Autumn)
This book was definitely a high three start or a low four star rating for me. I was thrilled when Tohr first came back and all, but I just felt like the connection wasn't as strong with him and Autumn as Ward has shown other characters in the past. I'm not sure if it just took too long to get to this part of Tohr's arc, or if he was generally underdeveloped post-Wellsie's death, but it felt off. I also did not like how he essentially picked Autumn's new name for her. It was supposed to be a cute romantic moment, but it rubs me the wrong way.

Lover at Last (Quinn and Blay)

I think everyone saw this one comng from a mile away, which makes the title absolutely perfect. It was about f***ing time that these two realized they should be together. It was almost painful to see them try to resolve the tension between them in any way that wasn't a relationship. It was so natural to seem them come together by the end. They're such perfect balancing points to each other. I will say though that plot-wise, I cannot remember what else happened in this book, which I think says something bout content quality for it because I can remember all the other books.

18108281The King (Wrath and Beth)
As mentioned, of these three books this one is my favorite, mostly just because I think Wrath is hilarious and I love how Wrath and Beth work as a couple. Now, this book I already remember enjoying for the political events happening in the story. Yes, there is relationship drama between the main characters for this book, but it is such a pivotal moment of where the society and where the series goes politically. I thought it was so well handled and it combined these two elements of the book wonderfully.

Because I am so caught up now, I will hopefully have the posts for books 13-16 and maybe even the Black Dagger Legacy books up very soon. These books are just so much fun to read, I can't seem to stop even to write a post. :)

Lastly, this is completely random, but I've looked back at some of my recent headlines and I think they sound hilariously stupid. Just enough to make me laugh and wonder what I was thinking, but I still acknowledge that some of them just sound plain odd and lackluster.

Thanks for reading!

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